Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm loving this new thing on I only need to send a single email to them and they automatically post it (complete with attachments -- photos, mp3s, etc) on every possible social media website I could ever want. Armed with my blackberry, I can have my social media fix in a jiffy. Photos are automatically posted on my Flickr account, a status update is posted on my Facebook page, and a link is posted on my Twitter page. The best thing about it though, at least for me, is that I can autopost to my main blogger site, Chronicles of Boredom, something I couldn't really do with Tumblr (yes, I also have a microblog on that site -- what can I say, I'm turning out to be a social media aficionado [read: addict]). I don't know if the site layout on posterous is customizable. I still have a bit of exploring to do.
Anyway, check out my profile at But you don't really have to. You'll see the updates on my other pages anyway. Hah.

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