Thursday, April 17, 2008


A quick entry before I play medical secretary to my aunt today.

There's this magical little button on iTunes (and iPod) that can transform my library of 2600+ songs from an alphabetically arranged list into several million random combinations -- Shuffle Songs.  It was in this mode that I found a song I never knew I had.  Here's a listen.

The guy's Jamie Lidell and the song, Multiply, is part of the Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack Volume 2.  I meant to google Lidell for a long time but was only able to do so this morning.  A quick peek at the music video and I was surprised to find that he's white.  I imagined a black man singing every time I listened to it.  The song's currently on top of my Head-Bob-Causing Songs playlist.  Here's Jamie Lidell singing Multiply live with Jools Holland.

The official website's here.


Dancer in the Dark said...

I have a track of his on my iTunes LIbrary - What's the Use - I don't remember how I got it, but think it mght be from one of the Mercedez Benz Mix Tape comilations

The Fish said...

cool. :)