Saturday, March 08, 2008


I held my very first fountain pen, a plain blue Parker, when I was in second grade.  My elementary school was a stickler for learning their way of writing -- they called it the Montessori Calligraphy.  Unlike the usual slanted script most students are taught, the "Montessori Calligraphy" had stout and erect letters that are supposed to stand perpendicular to the lines of the paper.  We would spend the first 20 minutes of every Monday morning just practicing our penmanship.  I had to suck ink from an ink bottle to refill my Parker then.  Nowadays, there are cartridges that you just stick into the barrel.  I've never gotten used to those cartridges and have always thought sucking ink from the bottle is the only real way to go.  I've always loved fountain pens but I don't have one now.  I lost my green Parker fountain pen when I was in medical school for a ridiculous reason I won't even repeat it here.  
Anyway, I was browsing through Montblanc's website and stumbled upon these mouth-watering limited Writers Edition pens.  The featured writer's signature appears on the pen.  My favorites are the Agatha Christie
and the Dostoevsky.
My birthday's not for a few months yet and those among you who are thinking of what to give me as a present, these are definitely on top of my wishlist.  ;-p


Dancer in the Dark said...

My first FP was a hand-me-down: A Parker Sonnet Cisele. I didn't know its value at the time I was using it. It was a fine pen, and so for the longest time it was my standard for fine writing, and I'd prefer pens with metal barrel. I didn't trust ones made of acrylic (We had a parker 75 at home) or celluloid resin because I believed they're not as durable, or they don't age as well as the PS Cisele, for example.

And then, on a visit to NY, I got to test drive a FP with a celluloid resin body. It's gorgeous. So now, I tend to be partial to celluloid resin, just because the designs tend to be more unique across different brands or within a product line.

I have a list of pen crushes that I'd want to be in my collection as soon as the funds recover from my MacBook Pro splurge:

1. This crone pen:

2. Romet Emperor's Collection in Ocean's Gold

3. Waterman Edson

I used to have a crush on the Van Gogh Collection of Visconti, but I discovered that the pin had "Visconti" engraved on the side instead of at the top, so I stopped liking it. Hehe.W5A

The Fish said...

this is dr. tatad-to's pen.

karlmd said...

i'm impressed.