Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rumblings from the Deep

I was reading the paper this morning. The tension in the political landscape of this country was palpable. There's talk of rallies on Friday, the opinion page is filled with ideas of coup d'etat and unauthorized troop movement and monitoring of the media by the uniformed services and of replacing the incumbent. Too many names are being dragged down and tainted by corruption -- and rightly so.

The beginnings of the rumbling and growling that comes deep from the bowels of a society sick and disgusted with the status quo can be heard, faintly but very clearly. This is all too familiar -- surely we haven't forgotten the events that transpired in 2001, or even in 1986? I wonder if this will amount to anything.

I am sure of one thing. Should the ruling government be replaced by another, it will be just as corrupt, or perhaps even more so, but it will be much better concealed. I see no real hope unless all members of government -- down to the lowest clerk of the remotest village in the farthest city -- is replaced, and unless all members of society, from the richest to the poorest, willingly surrender their will to the laws of this land. And that is wishful thinking, of course.

I see no real hope save that found in the Lord. I see this as a time to start seriously praying for the nation.

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