Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pre-Duty Politics

A few links and news bits before I leave for my first 24-hour duty in a very long time.

Philippine Star columnist Alex Magno slams the ousting of JDV.  It would have been an unremarkable thing had he been just any other opinion writer.  But Magno's always been intensely pro-government, at least in the economic and most other political issues, to the point that some people call him a government parrot.  But as I said previously, there was something bitter-tasting in that business on Monday night.

Democrats still split, almost evenly, between Obama and Clinton.  Clinton has a little bit more delegates than Obama and she won the delegate-rich states (California, New York) but Obama won more states on Super Tuesday.  CNN analysts say that the drawn-out battle between the two Democratic candidates will probably be good for Obama.  I hope so.  There's also talk of getting them on the same ticket.  I have no problem with it, as long as Obama's running for President.  Here's why I think that way.


The Fish said...

where are you working?

karlmd said...

at a small hospital near our village in Pasig. I go on 24-hour duty once a week and commitments are renewed monthly. Hehe. I'm studying for CK most days of the week so I can't go on duty for more than once a week.