Friday, January 18, 2008

New Treasures from Isteyts

The LOTR Extended DVD boxed set
My hosts in San Francisco, Tito Norman and Tita Mae, bought this for me. It's a previously owned set sold in Amoeba Music for $50. I think I got a great deal with this purchase. The DVDs are pristine and the pamphlets are nearly so. The original price for this was $80. I consider this one of the best deals I made in the US. Also, buying the DVD resulted in my best discovery: Amoeba Music.

Amoeba Music has branches in San Francisco, Hollywood, and Berkeley. The San Francisco store is on Haight street, the Hippie capital of SanFo. The store is a huge warehouse-like place with all the CDs and DVDs you can ever imagine. A lot of them are sold cheap because they were previously owned. The DVD collection is vast and most are in good condition. It was a pity that I discovered this store on my last night in SanFo. I probably would have blown all my cash away here, if I had known about it earlier. On second thought, maybe it was best that I found out about it late. Hehe. If you'll be in SanFo in the future, you HAVE to pay this store a visit.

P.S. I started watching the extended movie. Excellent.

Love in the Time of CholeraI had my eye on this book even before I left for the US. I knew for a fact that books are sold cheaper here in Manila. After my first trip to the US, I vowed never again to buy books there. However, I saw this Marquez book in Barnes and Noble in Tanforan and it was on sale. I did a quick conversion and found that it was cheaper there, with the discount, than if I bought it in Fully Booked.

I heard that the movie (starring Benjamin Bratt, Javier Bardem, and Giovanna Mezzogiorno) isn't so good. I'd still like to see it though, but only after I've finished reading the book.

P.S. I think Barnes and Noble is one of the best things ever in America.

The Kite RunnerThis was bought on an impulse at the San Francisco International Airport. I had never heard of Khaled Hosseini before but the book was highly recommended by my tita. I also have not seen the movie. I intended to buy the book in Manila but as I was browsing through the airport bookstore, I saw this decided to buy it there at the listed price of $15. I was at Fully Booked earlier today when I saw the book. A quick conversion told me that I spent P56 more than if I bought it locally. Too bad. That's what lack of impulse control can do to you. Hehe.

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