Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Upside of Being a Bum

I'm loving my RSS Reader.  Apple's Mail comes with a built in RSS reader (I can't remember if Outlook had one built in).  I so far have about 6 blogs I've subscribed to. As long as I have a steady stream of wifi signal, I get the newest entries from these blogs, as soon as they are posted on the internet.  Cool, eh?  It makes for a less-boring bumming around. 

Some interesting links from jason kottke (A very prolific blogger who, I think, does it for a living; how he does it, I don't know.  He is also a twitterer.):

A Vanity Fair article on the US media's apparent prejudice against Gore in the 2000 elections. Just goes to show how the media doesn't always present issues in a balanced way, as it's mandated to do.  This should serve as a lesson for us consumers to be more discriminating about what we believe in the press.  (Sorry, I just had to comment on that particular article as I do see the same problems in the Philippine media)

An 11-minute excerpt from Anhedonia.  Annie Hall audio plus Getty videos make for an interesting film.

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