Friday, December 21, 2007

Pre-Departure Post

Got my Step 1 score exactly 3 weeks after my exam.


Not bad, if I was an American citizen and a graduate of an American med school. Like all International Medical Graduates (IMGs), I was aiming for a grade in the 90s range so this is definitely not good for an IMG. Still considering my options (start with residency training here in Manila or pursue the US residency thing). There are some issues that I have to thresh out with God, especially about His direction for my life. Will take the next few weeks to think and seek God's will. I'll make a decision when I return home from the US. Don't worry, I won't forget to have fun. Hehe. I'm flying to LA tomorrow then on to San Francisco on Jan 2. I fly back home on Jan 10.

On to happier things.

Does this sound familiar?

She's Yael Naim, an Israeli singer. I hate both the song and the original artist, but Yael's somehow made it more bearable to listen to.

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