Saturday, December 08, 2007

Free Rice

Got this from Neil Gaiman's journal:

Donate 20 grains of rice for every correct answer.  Here's the link.


Dancer in the Dark said...

I'd forgotten to post this on my journal! I don't remember how long I played the game, but I finished with 11320 grains. I was at Vocabulary Level 50 before I committed a mistake. I stopped playing after I noticed two repeated items.

karlmd said...

I know. I actually thought you'd post this before I did.

Just to show everyone I'm not a complete math idiot, 11320 grains translates to 566 correct words. That's a long time to play. Haha. I was at around level 43 but I got tired of playing.

Dancer in the Dark said...

Well I thought about how significant a contribution ought to be. I just googled "how many grains of rice in a sack, and then it seems that there's "around 29,000 grains per pound", so I kept playing until I hit a number amounting to ~1 kg.

Amazing what people can think of to get involved with hunger relief.