Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Enjoying" "Manageable" Exams

"The final end product of glycolysis in anaerobic tissues is ..."

Those were the first few words that greeted me as I skimmed the first of 12 examinations I would be taking in the next 2 weekends.  I sat for 3 exams today: Biochemistry, Anatomy & Histology, and Microbiology.  I'm scheduled to take Physiology, Legal Medicine & Medical Jurisprudence, and Pathology tomorrow.  I won't say that the tests today were very tough but they weren't easy either.  When people ask me how the exams today went, my standard answer is that "it was manageable."  I pray that it will be "manageable" tomorrow too.

I received the best advice on taking the board exams this afternoon, while on lunch break.  A good friend of mine said that I should "enjoy" it.  I will (hopefully) go through this experience only once in my lifetime so I might as well enjoy every minute of it as I answer the questions.  It seems like excellent advice, no matter how oxymoronic it sounds to put "examinations" and "enjoyment" in the same sentence.  Were it not for the fact that I was very sleepy during the last exam in the afternoon, I would have tried to "enjoy" answering the Microbio test.  Also, my friend who gave the advice was ranked number 1 when her PT board exam results came out a few years ago.  Tough feat to beat (not that I'm attempting to).  It also explains how she can "enjoy" answering questions on subjects she knew so well.  But it really won't hurt to try this "enjoy" thing.  God, after all, is doing all the driving this time and I derive pleasure from the thought that He has things under His total control.

Anyway, I don't want to do any more studying tonight.  It's either I sleep early or if I can't, I'll watch one of the DVDs here at home.  But I definitely won't do any more studying this weekend.


pauline said...

oh my goodness, karl henson. it's just so you to post that as your opening line. hehehe.

karlmd said...

haha. siyempre i had to record the first board question i ever encountered.

littlerascal said...

hey karl, glad you found the 1st day manageable. good luck again. God bless. :-) - chinky

karlmd said...

thanks for dropping by, chinky!

pauline said...

IT'S OVER!!! ^_^ am praying for the entire batch. ;)