Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Updates

I've been off the circuit for almost a week, except for the occasional checking of email.  I now stay temporarily at my brother's apartment near his medical school.  I found out that for some reason, I can study more effectively there.  Maybe it's because there is no TV or internet access in that place.  I've also revised my study schedule.  My main study hours now are from 8 pm to 4 am (that's right, I'm now really a vampire).  I sleep until about 10:30 am and mostly bum around in the afternoon (holding a book and attempting to read).  It proved me right.  My brain's really most effective late at night.  I studied similarly when I was in medical school.  (I want to say that I studied the same way in college but I didn't really study in college so ...)  I just couldn't do it when I lived at home because of so much distraction (my bed's very attractive especially at night).  

The last 2 entries I posted before this one was sent directly from my phone.  I have a new black Sony Ericsson k800i, which I christened Benjamin.  The coolest feature this phone has is, I think, the 3.2MP digital camera.  The best part about the whole deal though was getting it for FREE from my mobile service (sort of a rewards promo).  So while I'm staying at the apartment during weekdays, I still get to post something here, despite the lack of internet connection.  I also appreciate the fact that Benjamin has almost seamless connectivity with Adam (starting to get lost with the names?  Adam's my MacBook, Luke's my iPod).  I just use iSync to bluetooth all my calendar entries and contacts between them.  Also, I get to check my email on Adam by using the GPRS function of the phone.  I knew you could do that but I'd never done it before until the other day.  So I'm never really disconnected as I thought I'd be. So, good times!

I've passed my application to take the Physician Licensure Examination in August.  It's really happening.  I really am taking the exam in August now.  Seems a bit surreal but I really do want to get this over with.  After this exam, I can finally focus on my real goal: doing well on the USMLEs.

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