Saturday, June 30, 2007

Apple iPhone: My 2 Cents

The much awaited Apple iPhone came out in the US at 6pm Friday (about an hour and a half ago, NY time, as I type this?).  I'm very interested to find out how the gadget really performs in the hands of everyday users.  I checked out CNET for some user reviews.  There were 9 reviews dated June 29 (a total of 403 since Steve Jobs launched the product).  Average rating from the 9 reviews?  Four point eight.  Out of TEN.  Average user rating since it was launched is 6.3 out of 10.  Disappointing?  Let's see how things unfold.  I'm interested to find out what my favorite gadget reviewer would say about this.  You can download her podcast on iTunes.


pauline said...

surprisingly cheap no?

pauline said...

added you in my links list, btw. hope it's alright. :)

karlmd said...

no problem. site traffic's always good. hehe.