Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Finds

My med school buddy Ivy recently recommended Chris Botti's 2002 Christmas album, December. I fell in love with the trumpet once I heard Botti's music. There's something soulful and sad about the trumpet's voice. I've never heard it played this way -- never outside a drum and bugle corps. One of my favorite songs in December is the one where Eric Benet sings "I Really Don't Want Much For Christmas" (most of the songs are trumpet solos). December is a welcome addition to my iTunes Christmas albums I'll enjoy the rest of the year.

Other Christmas albums I recommend:

1. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" -- the timeless OST by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. My favorite track: "Christmas is Coming." I first heard this track played in Starbucks and I went on a very long search to find the album it was in. That was 2 Christmases ago.

2. Il Divo's "The Christmas Collection." My favorite track: "Silent Night."

3. Non-Christmas but still worth the listen: "Corinne Bailey Rae" by, who else, Corinne Bailey Rae. I first learned the word eponymous from a review I read about this album. Now this girl can sing. Favorite tracks: "Like a Star" and "Put Your Records On." Something to listen to on Christmas Day: after stuffing yourself on Christmas Eve and you feel like spending the afternoon with a cup of excellent coffee and a Ludlum novel.


Finally, here's an e-Greeting Card I made for my parents to send to their friends. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! And may you have a peaceful, blessed, and accident-free New Year (stay away from the firecrackers).


Kat said...

Welcome to the world of smooth jazz! That you have fallen for Chris Botti's trumpet says you have indeed sunk deep. Next step would be to sample Brian Culbertson's albums. :-) Merry Xmas, Karl! It's me, Kat. Take care :-)

Kat said...

in case you don't remember, it's Kat from UPM, biochem. It's nice to see that you're doing well.

karlmd said...

kat co! hey! of course i remember. thanks for dropping by my blog. i hope you drop by again and read this message or else i wouldnt know how to contact you. hehe. brian culbertson. got it. Happy New Year!

kat said...

hey karl! good luck at the boards. i'll be looking for your name on the list when they post it on the inquirer. :-)

my email is the same yahoo account as before ie 1156 between kat and co. feel free to contact me on YM :-) take care!

karlmd said...

i hope you won't be disappointed when you look for my name. hehe.