Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Renewing Friendship

I can still vividly remember the time when I first felt what real, honest friendship was like. The year was 1998, one of the most outstanding seasons of my life. I was the third member of a tightly woven gang of 3. The other two, my best friends at that time, were churchmates. One was a childhood friend and the other, the rose to our 2 thorns, was a recent acquaintance. About a year later, we would find ourselves separated because of some differences between our families. And yet, through the whole ordeal, I never once questioned my friendship with them. By this time, my two friends had become very close -- close enough that they were soon a couple. I have to admit that it made me a little jealous but at the same time, I was very happy for them and I had expected it to happen soon enough. Be that as it may, I lost communication with them and the friendship somehow fell apart. I received little news from them since we were all so busy with school and other things. We were able to meet a few times to catch up on each others' lives but they were no more a big part of my life as I was in theirs.

Last Sunday, 19 November 2006, I met Doogie, our rose, for the first time in years. I just felt that I needed to rekindle my friendship with her at this time, and hopefully soon, with John. As we were catching up on each others' life events, I knew that we were both changed somehow, more mature, more grown up. She was different and yet the same. Whether this changed the quality of our friendship remains to be seen. One thing is for certain. I missed her company. She was one of the very few friends I was able to confide in. The events that transpired between us three very possibly left an obvious shift in the way I saw and dealt with my other friends. I realized that the few years in the late 1990's that the three of us had established ourselves to be best friends could be seen as a pivotal event in my life, in the way I value friendship, and in the way I behave toward my friends. I can't exactly describe how I was changed or what aspect of me changed. I just knew that I never saw friendship in the same light after my brief encounter with them. It was just different. I was different.

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