Thursday, September 28, 2006

Catching Tales and More

I’ve posted several entries a few years back talking about Twentysomething, Jamie Cullum’s first album. I absolutely loved Twentysomething. Jamie Cullum became my favorite artist because of it. So I recently added the songs of Cullum’s newest album, Catching Tales, to my iTunes library and started listening to it. As this was his sophomore endeavor (not counting his live albums and his pre-Twentysomething album Pointless Nostalgic), I expected it to be good, but just so-so good. I’m glad to say I was wrong. Twentysomething will always be listed as my favorite album of all time. This one, Catching Tales, is quickly ascending my Top 5.I’ve never really been a huge hardcore jazz fan and know only a little bit about the genre. I’ve never listened to any of the old-time jazz artists. I just know that I love Jamie Cullum’s brand of jazz. It is smooth and definitely not jarring to the ears. His own songs sound great. So far, my favorite songs in Catching Tales are London Skies, Nothing I Do, and Photograph (you can check out the iTunes Music Store if you want to hear 30-second samples). I’ve read in some corners of the internet that he is an extraordinary entertainer with lots of personality. Add that to the fact that he can play the piano, drums, and guitar, and write his own songs, then I would be perfectly willing to blow some dough just to see him in concert.

Coincidentally, I recently found out I’ve been ignoring a jem of a software. Several times previously, iTunes has prompted me to download its newest version, iTunes 7. I ignored all of it. I was exploring the other day when I came across the new features of iTunes 7. Gorgeous. I immediately downloaded the software and tried it out. Absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself.
In the tradition of the iTunes Music Store, I made my own Celebrity Playlist just for laughs. I have to say that most of these would probably be included in my All Time Top 10 List too. Here it is, listed in no particular order:

These Are The Days … Jamie Cullum
Sylvia Hotel … Cheryl Wheeler
Easy (Like Sunday Morning) … Faith No More
The First Cut’s the Deepest … Sheryl Crow
Drops of Jupiter … Train
As … George Michael & Mary J Blige
Making Memories of Us … Keith Urban
London Skies … Jamie Cullum
Better Days Will Come … Tahiti 80
Mack the Knife … Ella Fitzgerald
Kiss From A Rose … Seal
Landslide … Dixie Chicks
Daughters … John Mayer
Photograph … Jamie Cullum

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