Saturday, June 10, 2006

Just for laughs

Couldn't figure out a way to get just one entry from Bubbleman's blog linked to this one so I just pasted the whole thing below. Click on his links in this post too. They're hilarious.


Cannot Seen But Can Eating

This is the new slogan for this blog. Forget Henry Ford.

After a back-breaking 10 days, 2 every other day duties, trips to Fairview and me being unforgivably harsh, I took my sister out to dinner at Ling Nam. Tired and grumpy, I dragged my feet. My sister noticed but did not say a word.

When we finally got around to eating, all my troubles seemed to melt away in the savory broth of the beef wanton mami that I had been craving for ages. And I was not grumpy anymore as I asked for some details from my sister. She just came back from a well-deserved vacation before studying again for the boards. She told me about the house in Iloilo and in Dao, my other sisters, and our parents.

What made my day was this:

On our way home, we bought some drinks at a local grocery. My sister bought some milk-tea mixture, and I bought this:
En-Snow Sports Granulated Drink.

"Cannot Seen But Can Eating"

shaddock flavor
Further explanation on the side:
En-Snow is a new health drink that have No. 7 nutritious element - Dietary fibre.

The dietary fibre of En-Snow Granule Drink, it's invisible each, but feeling eaten!
The conviction blew me away. I was sold on the sago-like consistency, the cool refreshing flavor, and the grammar. It made my day.

And as a bonus, I finally received mail from home, and all of them were from HSBC. They were about a certain Security Device, pictured below:

And all I had to do was to generate 6 number codes for me to access my online@HSBC account. Neat, considering that all I have in my ATM account is the princely sum of PHP300, or roughly US$6.

So there, all's well that ends well, the En-Snow bottle saved my sanity. Who knows how many more people it has saved? I hope Jason Ng of 14 Jianshe Avenue, Foreign Economic Development Zone, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China exports more of the Modern Sport Drink (New Power EN-Snow) to the Philippines as a public service.

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