Tuesday, December 06, 2005

An Ordeal

I made my parents worry tonight.  They had just this afternoon returned from their tour of the Holy Land and I was supposed to come home from school and meet them.  I brought the car to school because we were going to some place and my group needed transportation.  I was supposed to start driving home at 5pm but at around 4pm I was really very sleepy. I knew that if I drove in that condition, there was a huge chance I’d fall sleep while driving.  So I set my alarm for 5pm and took what was supposed to be a 1 hour nap.  I woke up with the room all dark.  It was 11:30 pm.

I can imagine my parents worrying about me all that time I spent happily sleeping in my apartment.  They called my cell phone 15 times and even called my roommate to ask about me.  Unfortunately, my roommate is on 24-hour duty and had no clue where I was.  So on getting myself oriented (I woke up wondering where the heck I was), I immediately called my parents because I knew they’d be worrying (I’m psychic!).  I explained what happened and I think they’re fine now.  I’m glad none of them had a heart attack because of me.  Hehe.

Anyway, I’m wide awake because of the long nap and I’m still in the apartment because it was so late my mom didn’t let me drive home.  She doesn’t realize it’ll be perfect for me to drive tonight because I’d be awake the whole way home!


JenMP said...

That sounds so familiar. Well, I don't think I've made my parents worry in quite the same way, but I've definitely taken way longer naps than I've planned on. It's such a bummer too because I always feel so weird after sleeping that long so late in the day. Don't you? And there's been so many times I've woken up in my bed in my apartment, thinking that I'm in my bed at my parents house. It's soooo weird trying to figure out where I am.

wickedsis said...

God bless all those who sleep soundly!! did u know, i slept throughout the whole 9-11 attack? while my whole family was in an uproar, i slept soundly :)