Thursday, July 14, 2005


Read this before reading my post below...

I'm afraid my friend S (following her lead...) was referring to me when she wrote her blog entry. I don't mind. Free advertising for my blog! Hehe. The pic above was similar to the one I sent her. It's how my current desktop looks like.

I think my desktop looks gorgeous now, not only because it looks like a mac (it doesn't, really...) but because of this nifty little program i discovered from my classmate. It's called styleXP from TGTSoft. You can download free themes and visual styles. The current one I have is a sleek black theme called Coldfusion XP. I never knew I could like black so much. I got my desktop wallpaper from this website, the link of which I got from my friend S. They have excellent wallpapers (not to mention a really cool web design). I downloaded the object dock from the web too, from this site, specifically.


I'm recently discovering the wonders of Microsoft Outlook 2003. I discovered I can download my gmail emails from this software, which makes it really convenient for me. I wish Yahoo and Hotmail had features like that (Pop enabling?). Well, they do, but it's limited to premium accounts only (read: paying customers).

I'm currently looking for Microsoft OneNote 2003, another excellent software (for school stuff). I can't seem to find it anywhere locally.

See, S, I'm not all Mac at heart. I love wintel software too! ;-p


Dancer in the Dark said...

for viewing Hotmail messages in Outlook. Got that from Leo Laporte's website (incidentally, he's a mac user too)

morpheus said...

That really looks like the mac OS.

audienceone said...

You can also try thunderbird for your emails karl.