Saturday, June 25, 2005

New Look / Celebrity Playlists

I've decided to give my blog a new look. I think this one makes my blog look brighter and easier on the eyes than the dark blue of the last one. The downside though is that I lost all my links -- I didn't think of saving them before changing the template. If you were once linked to this site, or want to, then feel free to send me a note at


Anyway, I was chatting with a friend the other night. We were talking about celebrities and their playlists sold on the iTunes Music Store (screenshot on the left; I think you need to get iTunes first -- free! -- before you can view the playlists or do anything worthwhile). The store isn't currently available in the Philippines but we can browse through the US store. It got me thinking, if I was a celebrity and I would make my own playlist, what would it contain? It was 2 am when I started making my own Celebrity Playlist. It'll probably change and contain different songs when I'm actually a celebrity but these are my songs for now...

these are the days - jamie cullum
one of my all time favorites. very cool to the ears. very sunny.

sunday morning - maroon 5
maroon 5 is one of the most versatile bands out there. this song reminds me of Something's Gotta Give (Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton) and where this movie was shot -- a beach house. and i love beach houses.

smooth - santana and rob thomas
the guitars in this song was excellent.

mack the knife - ella fitzgerald
i love all versions of this song (bobby darin, frank sinatra, michael buble, others) but i LOVE ella's version most. when she starts scatting, gaaah!!

isn't she lovely - stevie wonder
i first heard this song on american idol and when i did, i just had to know who originally sang it. i don't know a lot of stevie songs but i love this one. it's like a homage to women.

breathing - lifehouse
my roommie introduced me to this song. for some reason, it plays in my head whenever i assisted during surgery the last few times.

kissing a fool - george michael
i saw the video of this song first before i heard michael buble's version. i decided to include this rather than mike's version because i think this one's cooler to the ears.

i can see clearly now - bob marley
this cheers me up.

dream of me - kirsten dunst
i love her voice.

fill me in (acoustic) - craig david
my chill out song.

goodnight girl - wet wet wet
this song reminds me of high school.

angels or devils - dishwalla
this song reminds me of smallville and of course, kristin kreuk, ergo...

kiss from a rose - seal
i've heard this song years before but i only got to appreciate its beauty a few months ago. i think the lyrics are superb.

quando, quando, quando - michael buble and nellie furtado
the harmony on this song is excellent.

all at sea - jamie cullum
another jamie cullum song. i think i have a post about this song somewhere on my blog. just go and read that if you want.

i'll remember - madonna
this reminds me of high school (I have a story about this but it's too long so, maybe some other time...) and the movie With Honors, one of those movies that romanticize (or idealize) university life.

sailing - christopher cross
the ultimate driving-along-a-smooth-deserted-street-on-a-rainy-night-driving-my-dream-car song. this song relaxes me.

somewhere over the rainbow - israel kamakawiwo'ole
meet joe black is one of my favorite movies. this was played during credits. i think i shed some tears while watching that movie.

how do you keep the music playing - james ingram and patti austin
this song represents all that is senti in me. hehe.

two beds and a coffee machine - savage garden
the only good thing that i got from buying the savage garden CD. it's a gem of a song really. i've never heard it on the radio but this song's really good. very sad. very real.

wind cries mary - jamie cullum
another cullum song. he has the most spots on my playlist so i'm guessing he qualifies to be called my favorite singer. hehe. i love the piano in this song. i love it more than the jimi hendrix original.

the way you look tonight - tony bennett
this will definitely be part of the list to be played when i get married. if you're a girl and a guy sings this song for you, i think you should be very flattered. romance at its best.

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