Saturday, April 09, 2005

D-E-R-O-B ... B-O-R-E-D

I'm starting to become numbingly bored.

My schedule these days consists of the following: I usually wake up at about 11 am. After lunch, I watch TV or surf the internet or chat over YM. Sometimes I take a quick nap in the afternoon. Basically, I just wait until dinnertime comes around. Mealtimes are the highlights of my day, really. After dinner, I watch more TV and go back to the internet. Once I feel sleepy, I go to bed. Exciting, isn't it?

Well, it's not always so bland like that. I do have to keep tabs on my classmates' problems and the developments in school (my work as class president) and it's quite difficult to do that long distance so I had to go back to school twice during my break. It also raises my cell phone bill to considerable heights. I do errands for my mom sometimes so I get to drive.

This entry is what this whole blog's all about, don't you think? The Chronicles of Boredom. I'm really not complaining. I know that when I start school in a week (I just realized it's just 7 days to go before clerkship starts!!!), my life will be as chaotic as ever, if not more (I might even have to change the name of this blog or start a new one). I'm taking these days as the calm before a really bad storm. And that storm will last a year! So, no worries. Besides, with George and Caleb to keep me company, life is gooooood! ;-p

P.S. I went for a short swim at the village clubhouse pool in a few minutes. Finally, a break from the routine. I've started downloading Smallville episodes on the internet again, for lack of anything better to do. Yaaaawn!

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