Sunday, March 20, 2005

Medical Musings

It’s not hard to believe that another school year has passed. I know the cliché is that a year seemed to go by so fast. Well, it didn’t go by fast enough for me! ;-p I’m taking my last two tests for the whole school year, one on Monday (21 March) and another on Tuesday (22 March). I’m free for the next few weeks after that.

I won’t even attempt to make sentimental reflections on the school year that has passed. It came, I learned, it went. Grades-wise, I think this has been my best year so far. It was also in my junior year that I realized that I was truly getting the hang of medicine. Diseases and medical terms finally were a solid part of my vocabulary. I’m not saying that I’ve morphed into a geek. I just talk like a doctor now, or one about to become a doctor.

In all, it’s really been a fun year. I moved into a new place with a new roommate. In a few months, we had neighbors who were also classmates. I never knew neighbors could be fun. Or convenient.

On 15 April, I will start the end of my journey as a student. As a clerk, I’d sort of be in between the realm of school and the hospital. I said in the past that I’m really excited about clerkship (known to some as a junior intern) while all my classmates were scared of it. I’m still very excited for 15 April to come, but now that it’s fast approaching, I think there’s also a little bit of fear. I think it’s healthy and it’s okay. For now, I’m just going to enjoy my 3-week vacation and make the most of it – probably getting as much sleep as I can. Sleep will be a precious luxury once I start the chaos that is clerkship.


maan said...

hey karl! Congrats, you'll be a clerk soon! God bless you always! And don't forget to take care of your own health, ok? Miss yah!

JenMP said...

Yay a new post! And yay, you're almost done with the school year! I think I have about 35 school days left. So, I bet the excitement for clerkship is building. That should be a lot of fun and an experience of its own. Good luck on the last couple of tests you have. I'm on spring break right now and have a ton of catching up to do school-wise. Man, it must feel good to finally be done with the year!