Saturday, March 26, 2005

L-R leslie, devan, tita becky, and myself. on the background is the taal lake and volcano. we were at this place in tagaytay for only 10 minutes. we immediately went home because of the impending rain, the traffic, and the cold wind (my titas couldnt stand it). Posted by Hello

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JenMP said...

Dude! I was so there in August! We went through there to pick up Sean & Jess and Jonathan Cross from a pastors conference and then headed our way to go to Pagsanjan Falls. After we picked up Sean, Jess, and Jonathan, we stopped by the Starbucks there at the Taal Lake. The weather actually looked quite similar to that in this photo. It was sweet on the upper balcony in Starbucks cuz the clouds went right by us and were even lower than us. Hannah and Rachel Brown got COVERED in mud as they were running around. It was hilarious. *SIGH* I wish I could be there again!