Wednesday, March 30, 2005


If you look to the right of my blog, the area where the links are, you’ll see this icon that says “Get Firefox… take back the web.” That’s a link to the free download site of Firefox, a new internet surf software (I don’t know what techies call these types of softwares). It’s similar to Internet Explorer, with some added features. The homepage (seen on the screenshot below) has a built in Google search page. Very nifty. Also, at any one time, you can search for anything via any search engine you like by simply typing in the search terms in a small box at the upper right hand corner of the window. I think they call it Search Plugin or something like that (screenshot below). In my screen, aside from google, yahoo, and msn, I added lycos, Webster, and some other dictionaries. Here’s what I like best. It has this feature called Live Bookmarks. For instance, I bookmarked my friend’s blog on firefox. With Live Bookmark, I immediately know if my friend has a new post on the blog just by looking at the bookmarks section. I don’t have to go to my friend’s blog. On the bookmarks section, it identifies her latest posts so I know if there’s a new one (screenshot below too).

Firefox didn’t pay me to advertise (it wouldn’t hurt if they did though). I just really love the software. The software’s only 4.7MB so if you’re on broadband, you’ll download it in no time! The clincher for me is that it’s freeware. See, the best things in life really are free.


che said...

Hi Karl! I've been using Firefox for almost 2 years now. It is THE best browser I've tried so far. It's faster to surf with Firefox din compared to Internet Explorer. It's also very convenient that you can view links through new tabs rather than windows (when you right-click a link, you are given the option to open a new window or a new tab). Glad to know you've recently become a Firefox convert! See you soon! :)

wickedsis said...

what's great is i can have multiple homepages too! hehehe, ry converted me to firefox... anyway, how do i make live bookmarks?