Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year, New Hope

It's the first day of the new year and I'm stuck at home doing nothing, hence the blog entry. This isn't called Chronicles of Boredom for nothing. Hehe. I go back to school in 2 days and I've been trying to put off getting my school work done. It's a LOT to cram into just 2 days but I really do want to get the most out of my break.

I've had a great Christmas break. I got to rest and sleep (a LOT!). I went out with some friends before their dispersion to the provinces. I went with some cousins and 2 aunts to Singapore. We left on Christmas day and were back by the 28th. To live in the lap of luxury is always great -- and Shangri-La Hotel Singapore was very luxurious. I checked out their gym and spa. Gorgeus. They even have a mini-Rock Wall Climbing area at the gym which I wanted to try out but completely forgot about. Sigh. So I'm really going back to school all relaxed and rested.

I went to church yesterday for a New Year's Eve service. I think it gave me a bit more perspective on what to make of the coming year. The pastor (this isn't my regular church) reminded us of how Jesus Christ came to earth to bring hope. After all that has happened in the past year, and especially the past month, hope is a precious commodity. There's so much death and suffering all around that it was very difficult for a lot of people to celebrate the coming of the new year. I don't belittle the suffering of those who lost loved ones. But I wish there was someway for them to know that Jesus Christ is in control of everything and that He's bigger than all these problems because He is the only source of true hope. If I were to wish just one thing on my loved ones, it would be a sense of hope -- that despite the worsening situation in the world today (and it will get worse), there is still hope, there is still life. And that life is found only in Christ.

NEW CD: Joshua Payne's "Your Love, My Home"

I bought a new CD a day after I got back from Singapore. I read a blurb on this singer in the complimentary magazine at the hotel and I immediately knew I wanted to get a copy of his CD. Joshua Payne (yes, that there is a link to his site) is a new artist. His type of music is similar to Josh Groban's but his voice is more pop, although not as pop as Michael Buble. The thing about him is that he writes his own songs (well, most of the songs in the album), and he writes them well.

So, it's time for me to stop putting off my school work. I'll sign out for now. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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