Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I'm back in school. It's been two weeks now and so far, I'm enjoying it. It must be the subject matter. We're talking about cancers these days. I know the topic is depressing for some out there. But it is the specialty i want to get into because it's very interesting. Yeah, it's a tragic disease but it's one of the most interesting I've ever encountered. I read a while back about it being ironic: The cancer cells have the power to immortality in that they don't die. They acquire characteristics that allow them to live beyond their lifespan and escape cell death. But this characteristic ultimately leads to their demise because their host is slowly killed in the process of them prolonging their lives. I guess that's as layman as I can get.

A lot of people tell me that getting into Oncology (that's the specialty of medicine that deals with the treatment of cancer patients) can get kinda depressing. I'm sure it can be. It can be a huge source of burnout and professional frustration, what with all the dying patients one will eventually have. But I like to think that I can handle it. Well, I can't on my own. But I'm sure God will give me the strength I'd need. I do really feel that it is the area of Medicine where I'm called. The ministry opportunities are so many -- my patients after all are all dying or at least have a concrete sense of their mortality.

Cancer also interests me in that the pace of medical research in this field is just awesome. I want to get involved in that too, if the Lord will allow me. I have a background in Biochemistry so I know a bit about medical research.

The module on Cancer's about over. I actually have a final practical exam in 40 minutes (so I don't know why I'm creating a blog entry right before an exam). I'll try to write again soon. The next time I'm bored. Ciao! ;-p

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