Thursday, October 21, 2004

My Pet

Have you met my blog pet? He's at the right hand side of your screen. Click on him (I designated my pet a male) and he'll tell you about his mood and mine. Hehe. I had to post a cheerful statement because I tested him out and he said I could use cheering up. I am cheerful! I'm on break and I'm not doing anything. So I'm really cheerful. I'm still thinking of a good name for him. Any suggestions?


JenMP said...

Your pet is really creepy. But, since he's so big on anti-depression and since I have a lack of creativity, how about Chip for "chipper"? It's lame, I know. Um... or you can name him Grunwald. Sorry, it's the first artist I could think of that kinda creeps me out. The "u" is supposed to have 2 dots above it tho. If worse comes to worse, just name him Fred. Fred is a good name.

JenMP said...

Oops, I spelled "Grunwald" wrong. It's really Grunewald, as in Matthias Grunewald. He did a lot of religious paintings, but some of them are creepy looking. Your pet isn't quite that creepy. He's just creepy cute. If that makes sense.