Friday, September 10, 2004

More Psychiatry

We're about done with Psychiatry in school. And just as well. I'm kinda getting tired of reading about obsessions and compulsions, sexual repressions and defense mechanisms. That Freud guy is something else. I don't really subscribe to his ideas but you have to hand it to the guy. Who could think of all those theories about repressed childhood wishes. God plays no role in a person's development anymore. Everything's about how, as a child, you really wanted to kill your father and make love to your mother, unconsciously, of course. I don't buy it. In the realm of psychiatry, there's no sin. Everything's explained by neurotransmitters and genetic predisposition. It could all be true but there's no hard and fast evidence as of yet for most of the theories. Isn't that what all scientists want, evidence? I think I'll stick with hardcore medicine, where a disease could be realistically explained by a cellular or molecular aberration, thus explaining why a specific drug cures the specific disease.

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herniating thoughts said...

Hay naku Karl, AMEN to everything you just said!!!