Friday, August 27, 2004

From Xanga: Saturday, May 15, 2004


this was one of the most spectacular movies i have ever seen! i'm not saying it was better than LOTR. it wasn't. but it came pretty close to it not only because of the battle scenes. the battle scenes in troy don't compare with peter jackson's battle at helm's deep but it was awesome just the same. brad pitt was superb as usual. anyone who says he's not fit to play the part of achilles should go see either a head or an eye doctor. sean bean, playing odysseus (he was ok in that role), was alive till the end of the movie (hehe!) although his part was as small as his part in LOTR. orlando bloom was okay as paris although i'd have expected paris to be more beautiful than him. paris was supposed to be a really, really handsome guy. bloom was just ok for the part. a bit youngish but as i said, it was ok. the actress who played helen wasn't all that gorgeous either. i mean, with that actress' face, i wouldn't launch a thousand ships. maybe a favorite character in this film though was priam. peter o'toole was a fascinating priam. his eyes, so full of expression, were great (think guingona during the impeachment trial) and he made my own eyes water. there was this one scene where he came to visit achilles in the latter's tent. achilles had just killed hector and had dragged his body back to the spartan camp. priam sneaked into the greek camp, went into achilles' hut, kissed his hands and said something like "i have endured what every father dreads of going through. i kissed the hands of the man who killed my son" (paraphrased heavily). very dramatic.since my homer was rusty when i went to see troy last night, i felt good seeing the movie and being refreshed by it. when i saw LOTR, i knew the story pat down and there were no more surprises. it was just a matter of seeing how peter jackson gave life to tolkien's prose. but as i forgot almost the whole iliad when i saw troy, i saw the film with no expectations with regard to the story. of course, i wasn't totally ignorant. i at least knew achilles and hector were going to die.this longer-than-2-hours movie is worth seeing at least a couple of times. there are other movies better than troy but the list is very short. i hope this film wins awards. and i hope peter o'toole gets his first acting oscar with this film (he has one honorary oscar). but that's not very likely i think.