Friday, August 27, 2004

From Xanga: Saturday, July 24, 2004


i am currently in a parallel universe. one where the only people that matter are people named robbins, schwartz and sabiston. one where the only time you get to read the newspaper is that 5 seconds it takes you to walk past the newspaper stand on the way to school, just enough time to read the largest and boldest letters on the frontpage.i don't mind being in this other world. i enjoy it, really. although there sometimes comes a point when the pressure's too much that you almost miss an exam because of oversleeping, i really do thrive on the stress that comes with being in this world. it makes me feel alive (though sometimes "half dead" would be a more proper adjective).i cannot wait for my clerkship year to start. i'm genuinely excited, even if i know i'll be doing mostly scut work. it's scary, sure, but i guess i'm more excited than scared. i can't believe that in just a few more years, i'll be something i could only have dreamt of being a few years back. time indeed flies so fast.

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